Catch The Fire

Welcome to Catch The Fire Halifax

Catch The Fire is an international family of churches and ministries that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in 1994.

Here at Catch the Fire Halifax we carry the same values as the rest of the Catch the Fire Family of Churches; of course we still have our own East Coast Personality.

I still remember when we were in the pre-planting stage of the church and my wife was talking to John Arnott about some pre-planting concerns. At one point in the conversation John looks at her and says, “Shawna, Love God, love your family, love the people.” I think that one statement best describes what we are about here; when the Father pours His love out on us we can’t help but give it away.

The Holy Spirit is doing wonders in our midst; we never quite know what to expect from Him, we are just so thankful for His Presence.

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